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Street Plays at the Model Villages

To create awareness on cleanliness and hygiene among the community and children, street plays were organised at the Model Villages.
The topics included categorization of waste in wet and dry, recycling, reducing plastic usage and manure from kitchen waste. Multiple plays were organised throughout the day, and the community related to the topics. For the children it not only a chance to express their creative talents, it is also a learning and character building experience, and to mould conversations with their parents on important issues. Another topic was on hygienic practices while eating street food. Children were advised to avoid it in the first place and to choose home cooked meals and delicacies, and to lend a hand to their parents while preparing them.

College Outreach Program

The College Outreach Program takes the learnings from the projects of Pratham Mysore to the young graduates pursuing higher education in the professional courses in the city. Students are shown how projects such as Model Villages, Student Mentoring Program, Skill courses for women and Learning Spaces address topics such as community development at the grassroots level, access to STEM, women empowerment, and mentoring. The students are also given options to devote their time and resources through volunteering in different programs of Pratham Mysore. These presentations are done free of cost and a certificate is given to the college.

Place : Mysore College of Engineering and Management, Mysore

MOU signing ceremony at Hyakanuru and Mavinahalli villages

Tuesday the 14th was a significant day for Pratham Mysore. A formal signing of an MOU with the four villages designated as Model Villages gave a finality to our efforts for a comprehensive development of the villages. Hitherto we have been focusing on student’s learning only and our progress was slow and usually did not sustain. The new initiative will address the entire ecosystem that is required to support learning. The parents, the SDMC members, the village leaders and the school will take responsibility to discharge their roles. The MOU formally records all the above and more importantly the village will take responsibility to continue with the best practices even after Pratham exits after three years of hand holding. The goal set to ourselves is that in the given three years every student will up to their grade in learning and be able to converse in English in a clean and healthy environment. Towards this we need every mentor to motivate their respective mentee to take an active part

Place : Hyakanuru and Mavinahalli

Block Level English Government Partnership Program

Block Level English Government Partnership Program-A pilot project sponsored by Pragathi had teachers taking part in English remedial training program. 15 teachers from Maddur and Chennapatna blocks were given orientation on the methodology, TLMs and classroom activities BRC South, Mandya. The session was attended by BEO Nagaraju, the President and members of Mandya Rotary club, and staff. The framework also provides 3 monitors who will assist the teachers in conducting the assessments, guidance and support. A long term objective is to create sustainability and awareness of English remedial program.
A feedback shared by the teacher stated that such programs help in addressing the learning loss in children, specially with respect to English.

Place : Mandya

MOU signing ceremony at Muthathi village

The Model Village development MOU signing ceremony at Muthathi village was held in Monday the 6th December 21. There was an overwhelming response to the initiative. All the village leaders and mothers participated in good strength. Student Mentoring Program was appreciated in particular and a few parents shared their experiences about improved conduct and learning in their children.

Place : Muthathi

A Community meeting in Muthati

A Community meeting was organised to bring at Muthati involving the village elders, parents, the village council, SDMC members, the Headmaster and teachers of the school. The program focussed on signing an MoU between these stakeholders to take over the ownership of the programs at Model villages, starting with more participation and cooperation of the community in the education of their children and in the initiatives of Pratham Mysore. This will help in the long term, community led sustenance of program.

Place : Muthati

Inauguration of Pragnaan Prayogalaya

The Pragnaan Prayogalaya was inaugurated with a generous grant from Ms. Kalpana and Mr. Kunal from Stellaris technolgoies. This centre is a science lab, using low-cost materials to help children discover the world of science around them, focussing on it being accessible to children in Govt. schools. This centre is located at Govt. Higher Primary School, Sindhuvalli.

Place : Sindhuvalli

Tablets distribution in Anekal

With help from SoStakes and funding from Avaya (an IT service provider), tablets were provided for Pratham teachers working in Anekal block to set up Reading Corners, to bring technology into libraries run by Pratham Mysore. Mr. Sanjay Pai, Marketing Head, Avaya and Ms. Kaushiki Das, SoStakes Project Manager, participated and spoke in the program

Place : Anekal