Government Partnership: Cross Visits (Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka)

To learn and share from the Government Partnership (GP) works running across many states of India, ‘state cross-visits’ were planned by Pratham India to get an on-ground ‘feel’ of different partnership related activities. Objective of these visits was to develop new ideas (learn) and thereby providing an opportunity to share/ receive feedback about the GP program from other teams. Both host and visiting teams had to showcase and observe the partnership program and highlight the best practices, give suggestions / feedback to the host team and also the key takeaways for the visiting team during the visit.

Likewise, a 4 day state cross – visit was planned for the Andhra Pradesh team in Karnataka from 18th to 21st Feb. and from 25th to 28th Feb. 2019 for the Karnataka team in Andhra Pradesh. The Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) program has been running since last 3 – 4 years in 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh (Ananthpur, Kurnool and Vijayanagaram). Many things were common with the Karnataka GP program with a few notable changes in the government structure, timeline, methodology and process of the Andhra GP program. Lots of new learning was gained for both the teams when they visited the other state’s partnership program and feedback was collected during the entire course of the visit.