Innovate to Succeed

A morning with the young minds

It was a Sunday with big difference for a group of college students assembled at Pratham. Those assembled were all recipients of scholarships under Pratham’s Career Support Program. Also present were a few parents and scholarship recipients of previous years and now successfully placed in their life. The meeting was meant to meet, get to know each other and how they could contribute to the society.

The discussion was led by Dr. Bhamy V. Shenoy, Pratham Advisor. To warm up to a discussion and reduce inhibitions, Dr. Shenoy initiated a conversation on environment, global warming, saving lakes and minimising usage of plastics, evils of corruption. It was interesting to note how concerned the participants were about societal problems and how they were at a loss as to addressing them. It was heartening to note that many parents who had accompanied their wards did not lag behind in sharing their experience and enthusiastic to help.

Mr. Ashvini Ranjan, Managing Trustee, Pratham Mysore, stressed on the importance of innovation. Industry was employing young people who had the capacity to produce results at the work place and not so much about the marks one scored in the exams. He also said that there were many opportunities to be self employed by way of offering solutions to problems faced by the society. He gave many examples to drive home the point. Mr. Ranjan asked the students to keep in contact with one another to benefit from networking. Pratham would be more than happy to provide the required platform for such interaction and to find answers to issues that they were faced with. The senior students who had already found jobs and settled in their careers offered to guide them where ever possible.