Model Village

For a child to learn well and retain what is taught, the support and participation of the parent is most useful.  In the event the parent is not educated,  support of a teacher or a member of the community is desirable.  More often than not, this is not possible on a large scale.  A Model Village is an attempt to overcome these limitations.  Pratham volunteers meet with the school teachers, community leaders and parents to explain the importance of such support to improve learning.    The volunteers administer simple tests to children in the presence of parents and community leaders to make them aware of the status of learning of the child.  This awareness encourages the parent and the community members to take interest and participate in the functioning of the school. Such an involvement improves the attendance of both the student and the teacher and in the learning of the child.

To attract greater participation of the women and mothers in the village, Pratham undertakes to introduce a skill development activity to  supplement the income of the family.  This also helps to enlist volunteers to support other Pratham’s initiatives in the village. In two of its pilot Model Village experiment,  lessons in tailoring has attracted a number of women to participate.  A sport activity has also been introduced as a source of entertainment.  These women have enrolled to support Pratham’s initiatives in the village.  This learning will help developing more model villages and increased community participation.

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Pratham Mysore is a NGO (not for profit non-governmental organisation) established 2002 with a stated objective to ensure that ‘every child is in school and learning well’.