Twinning Program

While all children have similar abilities and intelligence to learn and acquire knowledge, children of wealthy parents have better learning opportunities in schools with good infrastructure and better teachers. Hence the quality of learning in such schools is superior compared to the others.

Children who cannot afford to go to high end schools lose out in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for a better life in the future. However, such children with limited means, develop natural skills to overcome greater odds and challenges in life. Such skills cannot be taught in schools, however good the school or the teachers are.
Parents with better affordability and privilege are keen that their children too learn these skills to help them to tide over challenges that they may face when they grow up.
The feeling is also echoed in parents whose wards are in lower end schools, hoping an exchange of ideas and views would take place, in particular the skill of speaking the English language, a prerequisite to better learning. Twinning the two categories of schools with both children interacting periodically provides an opportunity to both to benefit and learn from one another.

Pratham Mysore is experimenting this concept by twinning Mysore based Excel Public School and Manche Gowda Govt School. Both schools have shown immense enthusiasm and interest in the program. The visits are well planned with well-defined activity and are monitored by the teachers of both schools. The experiment is attracting the attention of other schools both private and government schools.