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For students of grade 1 to 5

Helps less privileged children who are lagging behind and needing support for learning to read and write basic language / Math

Rs.30,000 /-per year to help a class of 30 children

Nurture Merit

Grade 8 students

Helps financially disadvantaged students to prepare & appear for a competitive test. Upon selection the student will receive support from the Government to continue Education till completion of secondary

Rs. 30000/- per year to support a class of 20 students

Early Education

For children 3 to 6 Years

Helps set up a Preschool centre in a Government school or Community to prepare children for entering formal schooling

Rs. 24000/- per year to support one Preschool Centre

Innovation Series

For children aged 11 to 13

Helps bright talented children to improve their thinking, reading, writing and communication skills. Builds to stimulate scientific curiosity and hence their competitive skills)

Rs. 30000/- per year to support a class of 10 students

Model Village

One Whole Village

Encouraging parents and community to participate in the functioning of school to improve learning outcomes and work towards village transformation

Rs.100000 per year to support the whole village

Career Support

Targets Student in Grade beyond 10 plus

Provides financial assistance to economically weak but meritorious student to help them in pursuing their Higher Education goals

Rs. 30000/- per year to support a student’s college fees, exam fees and other expenses to support education