Graduates as Mentors: Orientation of the SMP at Sharada Vilas College

An orientation regarding the Students Mentoring Program (SMP) was organised for graduates pursuing their Education at Sharada Vilas College on Saturday, 14th May. While Mr. Jagadeesh (COO, Pratham Mysore) spoke on Model villages and their impact, Ms. Rashmi (Coordinator, SMP) explained to the students the benefits of being mentors, the nature of work and the dashboard which includes the list of topics which can be discussed.
Around 60 students participated in the program, from both the 1st and 2nd year of the course and signed up to become mentors for the program.

The SMP is an initiative by Pratham Mysore to help students in rural areas of Karnataka have access to mentors, who can guide them not only in their homework, but also through general knowledge topics, or issues affecting their environment and the world around them.