Hamara Gaon


Pratham has launched “HamaraGaon” (Our Village/Community) Program to work closely with the communities. The objective of the program is to create awareness and work closely with them so thatthey take ownership of their children’s learning in future. Pratham believes that community participation is key to effective and sustainable interventions. The HamaraGaon Model focuses to work in 25 villages in a block to build an environment that supports children’s learning development, provide learning opportunities for youth, and potentially transform communities, thus adding to the holistic development of the village through school based and community based Interventions. Children in early grades will be supported while primary students will be involved in a program designed to improve foundational skills in language and math for grades 3-5. In addition, Pratham will also focus on setting up of children’s groups in communities targeting children in Grades 6-8.

In-school activities:

Children in Grade 1 and 2 are supported indirectly in the first year of Hamara Gaon, mainly by sharing language and math activities with government school teachers. Pratham staff also demonstrate activities and periodically engage children with group activities inside the classroom.

For Grade 3, 4and 5, Learning Camps are conducted inthe school in order to improve basic reading and arithmetic skills of children. A “learning camp” is an intense short burst of teaching-learning activities to provide remedial support facilitated by Pratham staff in schools

In-community activities:

Pratham focuses on early years children in the community by working with mothers and creating mother groups in every mohalla of the village.

Community Based Children’s Groups are formed in villages where reading material is provided at regular intervals. These Community Based Children’s Groups are entirely supported by volunteers of the village

Frequent contact with mothers of young children to demonstrate school readiness activities that they can do with their children & to share available materials.

Periodic events in the community that provide opportunities for highlighting and showcasing children’s abilities and activities and help to indicate progress towards goals. (Examples include science and math fairs)

In a Hybrid learning model, we are also supporting upper primary children with tablets integrating language, math and science based activities on PraDigi android application.

6352 children covered in school and community in Hamaragoan from 4 blocks. 953 volunteers covered including 519 anchor volunteers.

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Pratham Mysore is a NGO (not for profit non-governmental organisation) established 2002 with a stated objective to ensure that ‘every child is in school and learning well’.