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ICDPratham’s pre-school package for 3-5 years old is based on themes from the child’s immediate surroundings/environment. Delivery focuses on achieving all round development of the child (which includes physical, motor, language, cognitive, socio- emotional, and creative and aesthetic appreciation) through play-way methods. It includes teaching learning activities along with other activities focused on concepts around pre-reading, pre-number and writing/drawing. In addition, children will also be exposed to a print rich environment as this exposure is proven to build deeper understanding, comprehension, vocabulary and oral expression. It also aims to create awareness in the community regarding the importance of pre-school education and improve attendance in the Anganwadis.

The program implemented in 2800 units of Mysore district through a dedicated core team of 20 people from December 2017 as a pilot till March 2019. Based on the experience and success, the program extended to another 2 districts are Kodagu and Chitradurga. In 2019, 79,711 children reached from 5,976 Anaganwadis from 3 districts.

1. Objective of the Program

a. To activate the pre-school education component of the ICDS units through an integrated approach focusing on – physical motor, social personality, language, cognitive and creative development

b. Creating awareness in the community regarding the importance of pre-school education focusing on mother involvement through systemic and regular interactions

c. Improve attendance in the selected units by improving the operational efficiency and increased awareness

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Pratham Mysore is a NGO (not for profit non-governmental organisation) established 2002 with a stated objective to ensure that ‘every child is in school and learning well’.