If our work
interests you & would like to further the cause of education, there are
many ways you can be a part of our activities as a Volunteer or an Intern


1.    Student
Mentoring Program
By choosing to be a Mentor, you become a role model for the child and help her/him to tackle homework and puzzles, science models and questions on life and the world around them. As the child grows you can provide i nputs for a career choice. We have a structured method of mapping children to Mentors & there are village level facilitators to provide ground level support / monitor. Contact us for how you can enrol.


2.    Knowledge Bridge
You choose a topic you are passionate about and share it with an audience of children on Saturdays in person or thru Zoom. We can make your talk of our ongoing Saturday programs. Contact us to make this happen.

3.    Others
If your strengths are in Content Creation, Documentation, Logistics, Fund Raising. We can definitely use your strengths to further the cause of education. Please contact us.