Learning Spaces

Learning Space provide an environment where children work on activities that allow them to collaborate, explore, observe, experiment, analyse and learn in the process. They are adequately supported by a trained facilitator, along with their peers, volunteers and school teachers.

We combine open-source learning portals like Khan Academy with games like Tangrams, Scrabble, along with theatre and storytelling. What began as an experiment in rural Karnataka to bridge the digital divide for children studying in rural schools, has spread to more than 7 centres. It caters to the needs of children who are at risk of being left out to accessible online content, and to guide their curiosity responsibly.

For more information on the program, visitwww.thelearningspaces.org

The LearningSpaces is an endeavour of the TLS foundation. Started by Ms. Aarti Gupta, who pivoted from being a corporate trainer to addressing the digital divide in rural India, the first of such centres were started in partnership with Pratham Mysore. Each Learning Space has around five computers with access to internet. A trained facilitator, known as Crayon Gardener, helps to deliver content specific to the age group and grades of the children, with focus on developing their curiosity and creativity. Group activities such as working on jigsaw puzzles, story reading, scrabble and other games are given to develop collaboration. A projector is also provided also helps the government teachers to conduct classes at the LearningSpaces.

With the demands for online education and a knowledge of digital tools only increasing, the LearningSpaces is making sure that children in rural areas have equal access to technology as their urban peers and ensure a better future for not only the children but the community as well.

Contact us to see how we can join hands to create LearningSpaces in other villages.

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