Twinning Program

Peer learning in children happens spontaneously even when children of different economic strata are in the group. To leverage this, Pratham Mysore is experimenting a concept by twinning Mysore based Excel Public School and Manche Gowda Govt School. The Twinning Program is a structured programs with the visits well planned with well-defined activity and are monitored by the teachers of both schools.

The Urban children have better access to gain knowledge & access to good teaching systems. The Rural children develop life skills to overcome the odds / challenges they face which normally is not available in any school. Parents of the Urban Children wish that their children develop the life skills which are crucial for their future & parents of Rural Children are anxious for their children to get better learning opportunities / exposure and also that their children learn English. The Twinning program allows for this to happen in structured way, wherein the children learn from each other mostly in English. Both schools have shown immense enthusiasm and interest in the program. The children & parents have very positive feedback about this program.

Prior to the pandemic, the experiment attracted the attention of other private and government schools. We plan to resume the Twinning program once the pandemic situation eases. 

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