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Based in Austin, Texas, Pragathi started working with Pratham Mysore in the year 2010. They were instrumental in bringing Rotary International on board their projects, paving the way for Global Grant projects. Apart from education, Pragathi has worked for COVID relief and women empowerment projects.

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In the year 2020, Pragathi launched a program which changed the lives of 11 young adults from rural Karnataka. A scholarship was given to students who had completed their 12th grade and had scored good ranking in their CET examinations which covered 100% of their tuition, boarding, books and other expenses, in Science and Medical streams. To ensure they got a fair chance, these students were also given CET coaching which helped them to face the examinations.

The selected 11 scholars were also given technical and life mentors, who not only helped them with the challenges of selecting colleges, courses, the admission paperwork but also to instil confidence in them regarding the challenges of a new learning environment. The scholars themselves came from backgrounds which tested their mettle, ranging from single parents, poverty to fighting the odds of being the first graduate in the family. In the present cohort, 9 out of the 11 scholars are women and are determined to not only make the best use of this opportunity, but also to pay it forward by helping other youngsters from rural Karnataka to pursue their higher education. The second batch of the scholars have 15 students. All 26 students have scored good marks in the semester examinations.

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