Innovation Series

In the process of teaching and facilitating children to learn, Pratham and its volunteers too continuously discover insights into better ways of teaching, identifying talented children and addressing child related learning issues.  The following new approaches and prioritizing subjects may be termed innovation:

Science Program

is to stimulate scientific curiosity amongst the upper    primary / middle school children (Std. 6 – 8), while also enabling children to better understand concepts included in their curriculum. This is achieved by setting up science clubs in schools, conduct activity based science workshops and organize science fairs for the children. The broad framework for these workshops is in accordance with the state and National Curriculum Framework 2005. Accordingly, different topics are decided for each month e.g. Nature exploration, microscope, electricity, human body etc. In each session, the science staff conduct various experiments and activities with the help of science kits. Power point presentations, animations and videos are used to explain difficult concepts. Science exhibition cum fair is organized in which children demonstrate and explain experiments/ models/ charts developed in preceding science club sessions.

Pratham Prathibha Vikasan Karyakrama (PPVK)

aims to discover and nurture talent in children studying in government schools.  The initiative is to hand hold such children to bring them to the forefront of competitive excellence.

Chintana Chiguru

Is a program to identify bright children in the government schools studying in 6th and 7th Std. and to improve their thinking, reading, writing and communicating skills.  The objective is to encourage children to take up competitive exams. Inter school competitions are conducted regularly  to enhance their competitive skills.

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Pratham Mysore is a NGO (not for profit non-governmental organisation) established 2002 with a stated objective to ensure that ‘every child is in school and learning well’.